Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

The online booking for accommodation and other services specified below is provided and managed through this website by the cultural association Scouting Puglia (F.C. 93444380724 located in Bari ) a non-profit organization.

Scouting Puglia uses the terms and conditions set forth below for the supply of its services available online. The use of such services requires an express declaration of the user which will have read and accepted unconditionally and without stipulations the following terms and conditions.

1. Scope of Service

Our service aims to promote knowledge and appreciation of natural resources, art and culture of the Apulian region. This goal is pursued by providing the web site visitor additional services that are listed below:

• guided tours;

• overnight selected accommodation (relais, farms, farmhouses, trulli, bed & breakfast);

• wine and food tasting tours;

• tourist guides;

• means of transport;

• fun activities.

The reservation service provided is carried out by means of a deposit on the final amount, whose balance will then be paid directly by the user at the place where the service will be provided.

By making a reservation through Scouting Puglia, the user will become member of the Cultural Association and establish a direct contractual relationship (binding in legal terms) with the service provider that has been booked. As regards the booking, Scouting Puglia will solely act as an intermediary between the user and the supplier of the service itself, through the transmission to the latter of the details of the booking and the consequent sending an e-mail confirmation.

Although the services provided have been thoroughly inspected and selected, Scouting Puglia will not be able to guarantee the completeness and truthfulness of the data provided by the operators which is subsequently published, nor can responsibility be attributed for any information that is untrue or misleading, for typos or translation, interruption or maintenance of the web service or for non-delivery of emails.

2. Fares

All prices published on the website of Scouting Puglia are including VAT and all other taxes, unless otherwise specified on the site or e-mail confirmation.

Scouting Puglia reserves its right to publish special offers on the website in the appropriate sections dedicated for this purpose.

3. Notice

Please refer to our privacy policy.

4. Payments

In order to better protect the safety of its users, Scouting Puglia, for the payment of its services, adheres to the PayPal ™ circuit.

When opening his free account, the user will be able to make payments just using his e-mail address and password. A credit card, or a prepaid card, may be coupled with the account, or alternatively, the right to make refills will be allowed – at no additional cost – via wire transfer or bank account.

PayPal ™ also protects its members covering the entire purchase amount, including shipping costs and accepts 24 different currencies relative to the main countries of the world.

5. Cancellation

The booking service involves the full acceptance of the rules of cancellation and any additional terms of the latter. Cancellations and/or changes are not permitted for special offers.

The cancellation or change of reservation may be made by accessing the e-mail confirmation containing the operating instructions. In case of cancellation or if the person who made the reservation should not show up, the service provider may charge the latter in accordance with its policy (where available), therefore we highly recommend you to take notice before booking.

6. Right of withdrawal

In case of cancellation/withdrawal of the reservation, which occurred in the terms and conditions set out in Art. 64 et seq. of the Italian Consumer Code, the person who made the reservation is entitled to the full refund of the deposit paid.

7. Communications

Following the booking and before the date of arrival, the website visitor will receive an email containing information on the destination and several suggestions related to the main activities and attractions concerning the destination where the service has been reserved. At the end of the stay the visitor will receive another email in which the same will be called upon to give his opinion on the quality of the service provided.

8. Disclaimer

Except to the extent provided herein and as required by applicable law, Scouting Puglia will only be liable for the damages actually suffered by the user, caused as a result of the noncompliance of the obligations imposed. The compensation shall not in any event exceed the total cost of the reservation.

Scouting Puglia is not liable for damages caused to the user of the service if the event was caused by, or fault of the user, from errors directly ascribable to the supplier of the service booked, by accident, force majeure or circumstances not reasonably foreseeable in accordance with the professional diligence. In any case, it is excluded any liability related to loss or costs incurred by the user, even as a result of misuse of the website.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

The contents on this website are protected by intellectual property rights in accordance with local regulations. The documents, artworks, images, fonts and any other contents of the website are the property of Scouting Puglia. Access to the website does not give the website user any right to modify, reproduce, republish or possession and or use the data and information contained in it, except the case of express written consent of Scouting Puglia.

Any improper use, non-standard law, is a violation of intellectual property rights of the website.

10. Translation of the document

The original Italian text of this document will be translated into other languages. In any case Scouting Puglia is not responsible for any errors , omissions or inaccuracies in the information published. In such cases Scouting Puglia reserves the right to make changes and corrections at any time to the website.

11. Competent Court

The competent Court for the resolution of disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions is exclusively the Court of Bari, Italy.

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