Article 1

The cultural association named SCOUTING PUGLIA is established . The association’s headquarter is in Bari, Via Conte Giusso n. 19 and has an unlimited duration .

Article 2

The association is non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit and aims to the international promotion in the discovery of Apulia.

Article 3

1. The association intends to pursue the following goals:

a) to promote the knowledge and appreciation of the artistic, cultural and natural resources of Apulian region by means of all promotional channels that the association deems appropriate to adopt on the web, first and foremost, the web portal ” Scouting Puglia” ( ) and other portals and web sites that may be created ​​during the existence of  the association ;

b ) to promote and make known any cultural activities, non-competitive sports through all possible forms of contacts between people, organizations and associations in the context of the Apulian region;

c) to promote cultural activities and organize artistic and creative events of all kinds related to the association;

d) to promote and advertise press office activities, realization of illustrative setups, packaging, creations of booktrailers, 2D and 3D animation, organization of professional workshops, advertising agencies, art galleries, implementation of web and multimedia, photographic services, video productions, graphic design, even through third party services;

e) publication of editorials on its own conception;

f) to act as a meeting place, gathering, discussion and workshop for its members;

g) to encourage cultural growth of its members through specific training initiatives implemented in collaboration with local authorities, associations, schools, etc.;

h ) to appraise Apulian popular and religious traditions;

i) to associate education, training and environmental tourism by encouraging staying, camping, ecology, travelling and touring activities;

j ) in support of its objectives, but not as its primary activity, may also carry out any operations such as the organization of trips, excursions, food and wine experiences, publishing initiatives, printed or not, management of recreational activities;

k) to promote and carry out any other action directly or indirectly related to the purposes of the association.

2. In order to achieve its goals, the association may employ or appeal to professionals, experts or other freelancers that are not members of the association.

3. The association may, with an ancillary, auxiliary, secondary, instrumental, and in any case, marginal approach, carry out commercial activities for the achievement of its social goals.

4. The association will allocate the funds raised for the fulfillment of social purposes.


Article 4

1. The member status is acquired at the time of the first actual booking confirmation provided by the web portal, resulting in acceptance of this Statute.

2. Membership implies the recognition of the right to take part in Scouting Puglia’s activities.

3. Participation of members to the Association may not be temporary.

Article 5

1. The member status does not involve any cost, obligation or commitment of any kind.

2. All members will be automatically registered to the newsletter, from which they may unsubscribe at any time.

Article 6

The members, which have an unlimited number, are obliged to respect the Statute and to respect the decisions of the authorities of the Association.

Article 7

1. Membership may be lost if caused by death, resignation and expulsion.

2. A member may be expelled if his/her behaviour causes material or moral damage to the Association.

3. Expulsion of the member is approved by the Assembly on the proposal of the Executive Board after hearing the defense of the member involved.

Article 8

The loss, for any reason, of membership does not entitle members to reimbursement of sums paid to the Association, and excludes any rights held by the latter on its holdings.

Article 9

Even Institutions and legal entities, sharing purposes through the institution of affiliation, may be members of the Association.

Article 10

The Association may join national and international Institutions, Federations and Associations, yet preserving its independence. It can make agreements with public and private authorities, accommodation facilities, museums, restaurants or other types of enterprises, including commercial ones in order to offer members profitable opportunities.


Article 11

The authorities of the Association are: the Partner’s Meeting, the Managing Board, the President.

Article 12

The Partner’s Meeting is the supreme authority of the Association. In ordinary, it is called by the President at least once a year to approve the annual report and to deal with the most important issues pertaining the Association, also referring to the educational goals that the Association aims. It is still called whenever the Managing Board considers worthwhile, or when a request is made by at least one third of its members.

Article 13

The summons of the Meeting must be made at least eight days before the date of the meeting itself with notification sent via email to members. It must contain the date, time and place of the first and second summons, as well as the order of business.

Article 14

All members may attend the Meeting and are entitled to vote. Each member is entitled to one vote and may be represented by written proxy, by another. Any member may only bring one proxy.

Article 15

1. The first summons of the Meeting is valid with the presence of the absolute majority of members. In the second one regardless of the number of members. Between the first and the second summons at least one hour must pass.

2. Resolutions are adopted by the majority.

Article 16

The Partner’s Meeting has jurisdiction over:

- the annual report approval;

- the election of the Managing Board every two years, constituted by at least three members;

- decisions on any matter put before its inspection by the Managing Board.

Article 17

Amendments are resolved by the favorable vote of at least half of the members of the Meeting, while the dissolution of the Association and the assets transfer are approved by the favorable vote of at least two-thirds of its members.


Article 18

The Managing Board is the executive authority of the Association. It is composed of a minimum of three members; all of them remain in office for two years and may be re-elected.

Article 19

The Managing Board has the broadest powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Association. It is also up to the Managing Board:

a) decreeing an annual calendar of activities;

b) setting the date of the annual Meeting;

c) preparing the annual report to be submitted to the Meeting within three months of the closing of the fiscal year;

d) preparing a report of the activity performed;

e) ensuring proper use of the structure and the technical means used for the Association’s activities;

f) adopting the necessary actions for the implementation of the Association’s activities;

g) realizing the Meeting’s decisions;

h ) proposing the Meeting the expulsion of members.

Article 20

1. The Managing Board shall meet at least once a year or whenever the President deems necessary.

2. The executive positions are free of charge.

Article 21

1. The President of the Association is elected by the Managing Board from among its members, shall remain in office for all its duration and may be re-elected. He is the legal representative of the Association and some of the powers of the Managing Board may be delegated to the President himself. The responsibility of the President is to summon and preside over the Meeting and the Managing Board.

2. One or more vice presidents may be elected within the Managing Board, one of whom will be appointed Vicar, and a Treasurer.

Article 22

If during the term of office one or more council members resign, they  will be replaced by the top non-elected in line, which shall remain in office until the expiry of the mandate of the councilor he/she has replaced. When two-thirds of the Managing Board members resign, it will be revoked and ceased. In this case, the Meeting, summoned by the members still in office, will elect the new members of the Managing Board.


Article 23

The fiscal year lasts one year, from the 1st of January until the 31st of December of each year.

Article 24

1. The assets of the Association will be made ​​up as follows:

- of contributions paid by members;

- of members’ donations, gifts and inheritances, and of the sponsorship of Association’s supporters;

- of governmental, regional and international grants, and even by any other local authority or public and/or private;

- of the assets purchased thanks to such grants, donations, gifts, bequests, insurance;

- of the compensation of services provided by the Association to third party, except for the prohibition of redistribution of any profits among the members.

2. Possible surplus operating funds cannot be distributed either in a direct nor indirectly between members, unless their distribution or their purpose aren’t forced by law, but must be used to achieve institutional goals.


Article 25

1. Dissolution of the Association is resolved, upon the proposal of the Managing Board, by the Partner’s Meeting, with the majority provided for by art.17 of this Statute, when any of the following assumptions occurs:

- achievement of the purpose;

- impossibility to the pursuit of the objective;

- loss of all of its members.

2. Any remaining assets will be donated to authorities with similar purposes or for public utility purposes which will be identified by the members, after hearing the control body as provided by art.3, paragraph 190 of the Law of the 23rd of December 1996 nr.662, and unless otherwise required by law.


Article 26

1.This statute may be modified by the Partner’s Meeting, with the majority provided for by art. 17 of this Statute, upon the proposal of the Managing Board and the majority of its members.

2.Purposes of the Association cannot be modified.


Article 27

For any other provisions not specifically mentioned in this statute, Italian Civil Code laws and other applicable regulations, by law, are valid.

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