Sagne ‘ncannulate

In order to give this kind of pasta that typical twisted shape, you should use a spiral-shaped iron stick. Firstly prepare pasta since you must let time pass to dry out, exposing it to the air. Mix flour and water until the mixture is homogeneous. After doing that, let it rest for about 45 mins until it gets easy to stretch out. Once extended, roll it up and cut in small strips of 1,5/2,5 cm. now is key moment: take the iron stick, stop the tip of the little strip at the top of the stick and roll the pasta strips one by one (the longer they are, the harder will get to give them the typical spiral shape of ‘ncannulate). Pasta has to dry out for 2 or 3 hrs otherwise it will lose its shape, once in the water.


Then quickly parboil the tomatoes, peel them and remove the seeds. Sauté the onions, celery and carrots until golden brown, add some tomatoes, basil and a bit of water. Mix ricotta forte with part of the sauce until you get a smooth creamy texture. Cook the sagne in hot boiling water. The Pasta is ready in 5/6 mins. Just put together with the tomatoe sauce and ricotta forte cream.

Now put on a napkin in order not to dirty your clothes and enjoy your meal!

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