Restaurants of Lecce

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The following list does not have any commercial purpose. It just conveys all the best personal food and wine advices obtained from experience. We hope they could be useful to get through the path of knowledge of Puglia area. Its cooking tradition is characterized by the quality and genuineness of raw ingredients. Thus they are enhanced by the combination of refined aromas and flavours.

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    La piazza - Poggiardo

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    FOOD: The delicacy and the extreme care about the combination of food make this place unique in the Salento area. Excellent quality of local wines. A great discovery!

    LOCATION: This place is very similar to a traditional dining room with an open fire which creates a comfortable and cozy mood.

    AMBIENCE: The lady in the restaurant could be a member of your family. If you suffer from the cold, you can always sit next to the fireplace!

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    L’Acchiatura‏ - Racale

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    FOOD: Typical specialties from the area of Salento here are served with taste and in profusion. Cuisine is simple but it is well worth trying.

    LOCATION: Sensational location: each room is well-furnished and worth visiting. The restaurant is set within an ancient medieval cloister and you can still see some old frescos.

    AMBIENCE: In this place you will be transported back to a time when amphoras, stones and ancient cisterns were the norm. Perfect for a romantic dinner!

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    La farmacia dei sani - Ruffano


    FOOD: Exquisiteness and delicacy of food and wine. All dishes are served on particular multi-coloured tiles. Try spaghetti meal with drained anchovies and pistachio nuts. Red wine (called “russu”) coming from wine cooperative of Ruffano is also tasty.

    LOCATION: The restaurant is located in an historical building of Ruffano, next to the former council-run pharmacy, which is today used as contemporary art gallery.

    AMBIENCE: Extremely kind personnel make the customer the real protagonist of the dinner. Feeble enlightenment and warm colours make this place the laical temple of taste.

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    Lemì - Tricase

    FOOD: High-quality seafood prepared by their expert chef. Mr Ippazio Turco will delight you in every way.

    LOCATION: Typical locanda of the Salento region with beautiful marble and local artists hand-painted works. The elegance of the restaurant and the excellence of the food make the perfect combination. In summertime you have the chance to eat in the dehors passing directly through the kitchen.

    AMBIENCE: The delicacy of the environment offers a very intimate and elegant atmosphere. Perfect for an elegant lunch or, indeed, a romantic and unforgettable dinner.

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    FOOD: Fish dishes prepared with accuracy. Spaghetti with rockfish is delicious! You just have to try the pasticciotto in a brand new and original version!

    LOCATION: Very elegant staff and location.

    AMBIENCE: Suitable for a romantic dinner or for a working lunch. The quality of food and service is very high and will certainly satisfy you.

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    FOOD: All pasta first courses are home-made with very delicate and balanced flavours. You must try little maccheroni with shrimps and pistachio nuts.

    LOCATION: Set on the first floor of an elegant historic building in the heart of Galatina. A perfect blend of the old and the new.

    AMBIENCE: A perfect place for a warm and intimate dinner.

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    Osteria degli spiriti – Lecce


    FOOD: Typical dishes of the Salento area created with class and a bit of creativity. Top quality first courses and the semifreddo (ice-cream cake) with Sicilian pistachio.

    LOCATION: The elegant rooms of an historical building in the heart of Lecce will accompany you during the excellent meal. You are surrounded by hundreds of bottles of quality wine and several impressive handcrafted lamps created in this area.

    AMBIENCE: Going to this restaurant takes you to a different dimension, thanks to soft and relaxing music. The romantic lighting helps create an intimate and classy atmosphere.

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    Le macàre – Alezio


    FOOD: The highly skilled chef Daniela will take you through the taste with delicate and carefully prepared dishes, granting you all moments of ecstasy. She can bring the best out of a single red onion as well as put in together a mussel with fava beans will seem natural. They also make pizza “as they should be made”.

    LOCATION: The restaurant will not disappoint for its simplicity and finesse. In a predominantly white shabby chic style you will feel at home.

    AMBIENCE: Salento’s typical friendly atmosphere will enchant you to the point of returning whenever possible. It will be an absolute revelation.

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