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The following list does not have any commercial purpose. It just conveys all the best personal food and wine advices obtained from experience. We hope they could be useful to get through the path of knowledge of Puglia area. Its cooking tradition is characterized by the quality and genuineness of raw ingredients. Thus they are enhanced by the combination of refined aromas and flavours.

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    A‘Cr’janz - Putignano‏

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    FOOD: Always with keen interest in the latest news concerning food, the owner Rino will delight you with his great skills and his original approach.

    LOCATION: The place is new but not modern. Its shabby chic style makes this tavern a very pleasant location, with a kitchen on view (in which there are some tables!) and the menu of the day written on the blackboard.

    AMBIENCE: A casual, warm and cozy place. Outside there is an evocative clerical building which must be seen by night.

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    La Cecchina - Bari‏


    FOOD: Quality and freshness of sea ingredients used in this place will rock you. Linguine with lobster are unforgettable.

    LOCATION: An ancient place located in the heart of the old Bari, whose name derives from one of the dramas set to music by Niccolò Piccinni. Indeed his native house is right next to the restaurant. Typical rustic Apulian trattoria.

    AMBIENCE: Courtesy of the personnel will give you the chance to enjoy the typical informal treatment of Bari.

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    L’antica Locanda - Noci


    FOOD: First class Apulian traditional cooking. If you are here in Puglia, you mustn’t miss it!

    LOCATION: Typical rustic Apulian trattoria located in the old town of Noci. The place is very cozy.

    AMBIENCE: The Chef Pasquale moves around the tables with discretion. The whole staff show a rare elegance.

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    U’ Pepidde - Ruvo di Puglia‏


    FOOD: All the best the earth can give us. In-house appetizers are strongly recommended. The very rich wine cellar can also be visited.

    LOCATION: The restaurant is not famous for its interior design, which is old, but it seems like every single stone in the walls oozes knowledge and wine and food excellence.

    AMBIENCE: Old-style ambience where roast meat fragrance coming from the interior grill rules.

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    Osteria di Chichibio - Polignano a Mare


    FOOD: Quality and excessive care of dishes, fish dinner combined with Mediterranean taste and herbs. Just try squid course with genuine clams and Bronte pistachio nuts.

    LOCATION: Tavern’s interior design is polished. White rules. The wood oven and the fish stall are very eyecatching. Gennaro Piccinni’s paintings, an Apulian artist, and the lamps of Peppino Campanella make this location perfect.

    AMBIENCE: A sober atmosphere. You may happen to meet some vips who has just left his signature on the wall at the tavern entrance.

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    Chi va piano - Putignano


    FOOD: Not just an Apulian restaurant but it will surely rock you with its distinctiveness and delicacy. Try red Savoy cabbage. Organic wines and couscous go the extra mile.

    LOCATION: The place is like the typical old town house of the Province of Bari. It has a sitting room and some armchairs too. The outcome is very relaxing and homey.

    AMBIENCE: If you are not in a hurry and would like to taste some organic and local delicacies, this is the place to be. Leave your stress and make yourself at home.

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    Osteria del caroseno - Castellana Grotte

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    FOOD: Only top quality dishes. Really original and good-looking food!

    LOCATION: Typical rustic Apulian context. This place is spacious but privacy is guaranteed nevertheless.

    AMBIENCE: Very comfortable ambience. All personnel is very kind and showed us the pertaining b&b.

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    Osteria Le travi - Bari‏

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    FOOD: Genuine traditional dishes of the city of Bari. Many locals eat here, and that means quality of food is very high. Buffet appetizers like in the Italian 80’s.

    LOCATION: Osteria’s owner does not split hairs but points to your heart (and to your gluttony of course!). Wooden benches will have to carry your weight after the blowout.

    AMBIENCE: You are at a convivio, in the middle of the historical centre of Bari. Do not be snobbish and gobble up! It is worthwhile.

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    Osteria Le Arpie - Bari

    Osteria Le Arpie

    FOOD: Typical food of the city of Bari. Pasta made by old town ladies and house spirits are strongly recommended.

    LOCATION: Small restaurant in the historical centre of Bari. Rustic paved osteria recently renovated.

    AMBIENCE: Pleasant and friendly ambience. Quiet and familiar place. Perfect for a lunch with friends.

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    La Campagnola - Bitritto

    FOOD: Perfect pizzas and tasty homemade fried potatoes. Don’t forget to taste the excellent meat and the succulent cakes. Only top quality ingredients are used.

    LOCATION: This is a typical elegant Apulian trattoria, set in the heart of the old town of Bitritto. The location is romantically and cosily lit.

    AMBIENCE: As soon as you enter you’ll find yourself at ease, in a warm and friendly ambient, where you can expect to be welcome for any type of occasion.

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    Botteghe antiche - Putignano

    FOOD: All products come from local producers and independent suppliers, where their starters and meats are prepared to a very high standard.

    LOCATION: The restaurant is set facing a picturesque square in the old town. The eye-catching open kitchen and the high arches help to make for an exciting gastronomic experience.

    AMBIENCE: A modernized trattoria ready to welcome the young and trendy to the sophisticated adult.

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    Ristorante Terranima - Bari

    FOOD: The enogastronomic offer of this restaurant will more than satisfy you. The mixture of seafood and products obtained from the soil could not be better. You must try burnt wheat orecchiette with Martina Franca “capocollo” salamis.

    LOCATION: This rustic location recreates an old courtyard of the historical center of the city. You will eat recreation of an old market square. All of this will take you back in time.

    AMBIENCE: The simplicity of the atmosphere perfectly matches the attention to detail in a location of past times.

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    Ristorante La Claque - Molfetta

    FOOD: Not only do they do sea food, but they also do local home grown dishes. The whole menu is very original. The chef is highly skilled and inventive. You have to try the grilled squid with black beans! First courses are really exquisite.

    LOCATION: A large dining room in a modern style which contrasts with the historic building where it is located. You can watch the chef preparing your meal before your very eyes thanks to the open kitchen.

    AMBIENCE: The place is perfect for an intimate dinner with friends, even for an intimate romantic dinner. You can be guaranteed of elegance and relaxation. The location is suitable for any special occasion. Groups welcome, special occasions provided for.

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    Biancofiore - Bari


    FOOD: Fresh sea food dishes cooked with great skill and attention to detail. All courses are delicate, in accordance with the tradition of typical Apulian products. You must try the octopus with tomatoes marinated in olive oil and asparagus.

    LOCATION: Intimate and shabby chic style location. Typical whitewash ambient and an open kitchen dominate everything.

    AMBIENCE: Your meal will be served in a careful and cozy ambience. The white benches make for a familiar setting.

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    FOOD: The chef Bina will leave you speechless thanks to her culinary skills. You must taste the gourmet appetizer and the exceptional tiramisu.

    LOCATION: An elegant but rustic location. The white décor is perfectly suited to enjoy this magical atmosphere. The vaults are all constructed from typical Apulian stone.

    AMBIENCE: An intimate and elegant ambience will render your evening perfect.

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    La Bul - Bari


    FOOD: Delicate gourmet dishes to taste with great international and locally grown products. Very good amatriciana with monkfish slices.

    LOCATION: Post-industrial atmosphere, which retains all classical local values and traditions.

    AMBIENCE: The owner Francesca offers her discrete and professional presence which will make your gastronomical experience one to remember. A perfect place for a candle lit dinner. Just don’t let your romantic experience distract you from the culinary excellence.

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    SCINUA’ - Putignano


    FOOD: “Unusual” is the word which best represents the fil-rouge that keeps every detail of this venue alive. The salted espressino, the orecchiette and the larged formed home-made spaghetti will all enchant you. Customer is always well cared for.

    LOCATION: In a typical rustic underground venue with walls of Apulian stone there are modern furniture elements which mix well with the antique atmosphere.

    AMBIENCE: You can feel a relaxing atmosphere, also helped by the whole staff that gently make you feel at ease and satisfy even the most difficult of palate.

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