Tricase Living Nativity

The excitement generated by the living Nativity scene of Tricase is something quite unique. The natural scenery makes it extraordinarily precious for its beauty. Anyone visiting it for the first time will have an unforgettable experience. It has been located on the hill of Monte Orco, each Christmas, for over 30 years. All characters depicted in the evangelical story are played out by locals while performing proto professions of the Salento area.

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The Tricase living Nativity scene is not just a folkloristic territorial commemoration but a meticulous reproduction of historical Roman settings. It depicts Erode’s realm, the Roman house and also the synagogue with soldiers in costume.

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Finally you can also visit the humble Nativity cave. In front of it you can find the flame of the Light of Peace from Bethlehem, as every year. Love and saving grace symbolically arrive from Palestine.

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