The Hermitages of Pulsano

In the neighbourhood of Pulsano St. Mary Abbey there are several hermitages; some of them are located in very inaccessible places. Sometimes they are just made of a simple cave, along a steep slope. Instead, in other cases they are small and isolated buildings on broken ground.


The hermits who used to live in these cells were surely in communication with each other, since some of their hermitages were dedicated to community life and to collective work (one of them is used as a mill!). Furthermore hermitages are connected through a network of paths and stairs and also thanks to a real water channel dug up in the rocks.

We still do not know to this day in what period they were inhabited. Nevertheless we presume that the earliest human settlements date back to when the Daunia area was dwelled in for the first time. They were later abandoned during the Modern Age, in fact nowadays we can still see the wonderful frescos decorating some of the cells.

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These hermitages are the core of Pulsano, whose silence and mystery act as a counterpart to the great opulence of all historical events concerning the Abbey.



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