Petrified forest

Few kilometers from Campomarino di Maruggio, the petrified forest of Torre Ovo, in the province of Taranto, is highly famous. It has a 800 square meter surface and its trunks, unique in the world, emerge from a 6-meter deep sea.


A fossil forest is a very rare and interesting fossil deposit since it represents a case of complete preservation of the site where the trees had grown. The word forest could appear improper but derives from the upright position of its trunks. They are planted in the sea bottom and their wood preserves its morphology.

foresta fossile a Torre dellOvo

There are several theories about the origins of Torre Ovo’s petrified forest. The scientific one claims that the unusual monoliths with a hole in the middle are due to a thousand-year-old activity of excavating microorganisms. These galleries (together with the surrounding hardened sand) have then resisted to the erosion, giving birth to the trunks and petrified branches that we can see nowadays. Some of them are still upright unveiling their mystery.

torre ovo

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