Stazione di Posta

We can find the Stazione di Posta or the so-called Taverna del Ponte just under the mount where Bovino is situated. It is located on the left side of Cervaro creek, near the Roman bridge which was destroyed by the earthquake of 1627 and was rebuilt in 1630 by the viceroy of Naples don Inigo Velez da Guevara y Taxis. It has been a very important mansio since the age of the Emperor Augusto, because it was located along the Consolare Minucia way which used to connect Corfinio with Brindisi.

It was designed with lodges, stores and stables, which were managed by the central government. The Taverna del Ponte was used as a place to take a break by the notables and the officials of the Roman Empire, since in the surrounding area there were several camps protected by some trenches called “valli”, from whose name derives the “Vallo di Bovino” naming of the same area.


In 2007 it was finally restored to be used as a center for cultural and social activities after having been a military district, a postal stop and a granary.

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