The ravine Madonna della Scala

The ravine Madonna della Scala was originally named “The valley of the roses” because of its natural floral richness. Indeed it contained about 600 different local vegetations. Most of them with therapeutic benefits. Excluding the Stones of Matera, the Medieval rocky village which is located in the ravine is the largest one, surrounding the Sanctuary of Madonna della Scala.


It is strongly characterized by the impressive staircase of 125 steps. It is provided documentary evidence of the existence of this church since the Sixteenth century while its left nave was added in the middle of the Nineteenth century.


The rocky church dedicated to the Madonna della Buona Nuova, strictly connected to the sanctuary, which was partially demolished at the beginning of 1800 during the expansion of the church porch, is also important. The lower rocky church of Madonna della Scala is another must-see place. It is also connected to the sanctuary, being located right under the church porch.

The rocky village is situated along both sides of the ravine, near the sanctuary, it expands for 500 meters and includes over 200 still recognizable clusters. The site, which had already been inhabited in the prehistoric age, was then abandoned in the classic age and after lived in again until the Fifteenth century.


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