Jatta Museum

The National archeological Jatta Museum is located in Ruvo di Puglia, in the province of Bari, and is placed in some of the rooms of Jatta Palace. It is the only Italian private nineteenth-century collection which has remained unchanged since its origins.

Museo Jatta

In the Nineteenth Century the archeologist Giovanni Jatta  collected an array of evidence in the museum which was then enriched by his nephew of the same name. In the Twentieth Century the Museum was ceded to the state government.


The Museum is made up of just four rooms. In the last one, the smallest, you can find the best of the repertory. The most important and precious piece is the Talos ceramic vase, which was made by the so-called Talos Painter. Both Ruvo di Puglia and the Museum are famous just for this vase which is one of the most important Attican ceramic masterpieces noted for its innovative colouring typical of the Fifth Century. The decoration depicts the story told by Apollonius Rhodius in The Argonautica concerning the killing of Talos on the part of Medea, while he is held by the arms of Castor and Pollux.


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