Foresta Umbra

Gargano National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Italy because of its various landscapes, the different natural habitats which are really unique too. Its surface also covers a lot of little picturesque villages which are characterized by white houses, beautiful lakes, fascinating rock structures, long beaches and crystal clear Adriatic waters.


There are several hypothesis concerning the origins of the name of the Umbra Forest. The first one derives from old inhabitants coming from Umbria region who used to dwell in the woods. But the most credible theory is the one that refers to the dense vegetation which makes it impossible for the sunbeams to pass through it. It is located in the middle of Gargano National Park and its Jacotenente mount reaches 832 meters height.


Several botanic species live here, including broad-leaved, beech trees, and a lot of undergrowth flora typologies, above all orchids. The dark brown soil of the forest is perfect for the vegetation to take root. Its very particular chemical composition derives from a unique degenerative process which can last millennia and can involve organisms such as larvas and fungus that feed on wood.


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