Ceramic Workshop Visit

Ceramic Workshop Visit

Grottaglie has had a leading role in the world of ceramic ware since Taranto, the ancient Taras, capital of Magna Graecia, was a town in which a great amount of Greek-Roman style vases were produced.
Indeed in its subsoil there was, and there is nowadays too, the clay, and today Grottaglie has gained the DOC (guarantee of origin) brand for ceramic. Its old masters used to have a great ability in creating ceramics, not only with decorated terracotta but also working with tin and lead.
In 1000 AD, Grottaglie (whose name derives from aglias grotte meaning “they were caves”) was a very rich town. The Episcopio castle was the first example of architecture built with tufina (white fragmented limestone, often mixed with sandy soil) and the workshop used nowadays by Giuseppe Fasano was part of the cathedral of Grottaglie’s archbishop in 1250. In this period the whole ceramic district was a real residential area with several trades.



You can visit the restored hypogeum olive-presses and the ancient workshops in the caves near the castle and the cathedral in which the artist has his small shop.
Book now your visit to the ceramic shop in the cathedral and you’ll have the chance to create a ceramic jar with your own hands!

Each person will pay €10,00.

Transfer to the places that will be visited is not included. Please ask if such service is needed.

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