One of the most famous dishes of the barese cuisine is panzerotto, an authentic gluttony! People from Bari arrange a panzerottata (panzerotti eating party) with a lot of friends which is a must for every attendee. Panzerotti can be made with mozzarella and tomato, with “ricotta ascuand” (smooth, creamy and spreadable variety of goat cheese) or with meat. The preparation of these panzerotti  takes time, coordination and goodwill especially when frying. But at the end of the work your diligence will be rewarded with a joy for your palate! The origins of panzerotti are very ancient and popular: each family has got their own recipe handed down from one generation to another. Every barese youngest sibling has helped his/ her grandmother, mother or aunt during the long preparation of panzerotti.
  • Make a fountain of flour on the wooden working plane (it should look like a mountain with a hole on the top, like a volcano) and put some beer cake yeast in the middle, a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar, then add a glass of heated water. Knead the dough for about 10 minutes, shape into a big block  and strike it with a knife to make the sign of the cross and put it in a covered bowl for about 60 minutes;
  • In the meanwhile fry over low heat the veal and pork minced meat, adding a pinch of salt and some tomato in order to mix and make it more tasty with some grated parmesan cheese too. Or if you like it more spicy, you can also add a pinch of pepper;
  • Now make some little balls with the dough and lay out using the minced meat which has been cooked. Put it on the surface of balls adding mozzarella slices and tomato. Close again the balls made with the dough, helping yourself with a fork to avoid the pouring out of ingredients. Eventually fry them over low heat in copious oil.
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