Lara Barbara Urso

After her graduation at School of Fine Arts in Bari, Lara gravitated towards the artistic circle of her hometown. In order to convey her dreamlike visions and shape her thoughts and knowledge, she makes use of the handcrafted process of batik on silk. Later on she was professionally engaged in fashion industry, but not in the art design scope.

Thus her cyclic themes – spheres, ovums, bunches, arabesques, faces, trees, butterflies, birds, flowers, moons and suns, sometimes writings – develop with playful symbolism, on (o upon?) each garment, very often a unique piece. Through them Lara contrives parallel and metamorphic universes in which the three natural realms support (o back up?) archaic and archetypal images. In addition childhood interacts with feminine desires and existential impulses .


As Marco Belpoliti wrote “ornament has been removed for a long time for its relation with feminine environment, with primitive and savage world, with Islamic and Japanese East and especially with sexual field… Nowadays glamour and kitsch affirmation contributes to reevaluate it.”

Therefore Lara Urso launches her new line: “XTRA VERGINE”.

Visit her Facebook group Xtravergine.

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