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The accommodation facilities, which have been personally chosen and visited one by one, follow and maintain such high-quality standards that a giant online booking website cannot provide. For us the human relationship between the innkeeper and the visitor, which will make the experience simply different, is essential and will always make the visitor feel at home. Another distinctive feature of our accommodation facilities is represented by the exclusivity and the typicalness, ranging from Apulian rustic to modern kitsch, from the historic manor farm to the residence nearby the sea, from the typical trullo with pool to the Hi-Tech b&b nestled among the olive trees, from the resort with beauty spa up to very high value facilities. Furthermore Scouting Puglia manages the reservation process in a completely non-automatic way for a couple of reasons: the first one is that we allow visitors to create their own custom-cut journey throughout Apulia. The second is that our facilities are very often family business and they could seldom update digital visitor time-table which would enable us to use an automatic reservation system. But then the direct relationship with the selected property owners enables us to fulfill even the most peculiar requirements.

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