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Scouting Puglia aims to promote knowledge and appreciation of natural resources, art and culture of the Apulian region, giving the visitor a range of services designed to pledge a unique experience in its own way, though respecting the diversity of his taste and preferences.

All of our proposals, from the accommodation facilities selected to the choice of the most captivating folkloric event, from the conventional to the most extreme outdoor activities, rounding off with the fish restaurant recommended, exclusively derive from the choices dictated by hands-on experiences of our team and never by bare business deals. These proposals would not be easy, if not totally impossible, to find, for less than impartial advice by a local.

Scouting Puglia will provide an essential back-up to get to know this wonderful land, which will not be restricted to a superficial visit of locations, but will prove itself to be an unforgettable experience in discovering a land full of aromas, flavours, colours and feelings that will talk directly to your heart.

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